Un taxi l’attend mais Tchékhov préfère aller à pied.

for solo piano


First performance: 19 April 2007 – New York
Carine Gutlerner, piano


There´s a taxi waiting for Chekhov, but he´d rather go on foot


The title of this composition is related to Eötvös´s first opera the Three sisters, based on Chekhov´s play. The composer felt so close to the writer, that he would imagine that he could just meet him at any time on the street, waiting for a taxi or walking away. In this nostalgic, chromatic piece, one can hear Chekhov, walking slowly away, lost in his thoughts.


3 Oct, 2018
Budapest, Hungary

Eötvös: un taxi l'attend, Erdenklavier-Himmerklavier, Dances of the Brush-Footed Butterfly, Cadenza

Classics from Argentina and Hungary
(concert at the Residence of the Argentine Embassy)


5 Jun, 2018

Eötvös: Psy, Erdenklavier - Himmelklavier, Two poems to Polly, Un taxi l'attend, mais Tchékhov préfère aller à pied

Helmut Lachenmann: TemA
Henrik Ajax: Sparkling Shiverings
Máté Balogh: Kipling's Speech

Peter Eötvös, piano


3 Apr, 2013
Leipzig, Germany

Eötvös: Psy, Un taxi l’attend, mais Tchékhov préfère aller à pied., Erdenklavier - Himmelklavier No 2.

Ensemble Avantgarde
Gewandhaus, Leipzig

22 Mar, 2009
Caen, France

Eötvös: Paris-Dakar, Music for N.Y., Two poems to Polly, "Now, Miss!", Un taxi l´attend... Erdenklavier-Himmelklavier

Musicians of Orchestra de Caen

19 Apr, 2007
New York ,USA

Eötvös: "There´s a taxi waiting for Chekhov, but he´d rather go on foot"

Merkin Concert Hall
Carine Gutlerner, piano


2 minutes

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Un taxi l’attend mais Tchékhov préfère aller à pied.
Chamber Music - Solo instrument
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Hayk Melikyan, piano
Yerevan, 2013

Hayk Melikyan, piano