Solitude / Egyedül

for children or women’s choir

In memoriam Kodály (version 2006)


Text: Béla Kapuváry (Hungarian)


Eötvös composed Solitude when he was 12. This is one of his very first compositions.


18 Jan, 2024
Paris, France

Eötvös: Solitude, 13 Haikai, Harp concerto, Oratorium balbulum

Eötvös: Solitude, 13 Haikai (Children choir)
Eötvös: Harp concerto (Xavier de Meistre)
Eötvös: Oratorium balbulum (Katarina Kammerloher/Erik Stockloßa)

Narrator: Lambert Wilson

Radio Philh. Orch. and Choir

Choir director: Lionel Sow

Maitrise de la Radio France

Choir director: Sophie Jeannin

Conductor: TBC


26 Oct, 2006
Budapest, Hungary

Eötvös: Magány/Solitude, Kosmos, Mese/Tale, Psalm 151, Two Poems to Polly, Dervish dance

Academy of Science in Hungary (MTA)
Inaugural Lecture

26 Oct, 2002
Budapest, Hungary

Eötvös: Solitude/Magány, Kosmos, Mese/Tale, Psalm 151, Two poems to Polly, Dervishdance

Hungarian Academy of Science
Inaugural concert


5 minutes

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Solitude / Egyedül
Vocal - Vocal ensemble - Choir
5'children or female choir00000 0000 000 00000


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Original manuscript from 1956 by Péter Eötvös when he was 12 years old