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“The most unusual project was perhaps Electrochronicle which I worked on from 1972-1974. The floating, the vibration of a standing interval, played on an organ and relayed through several sound converting appliances joined together, created original, independent melodies and rhythms. These sounds can be compared to the ripples made by a pebble thrown into water, where one can admire the beauty of the ripples running to meet each other and the laws that produce them at the same time. Electrochronicle is not improvised nor composed music; its beauty lies in the richness of the microscopic musical movements.”

/Peter Eötvös/



12 May, 2019
Bielefeld, Germany

11 May, 2019
Bielefeld, Germany



21 Mar, 2009
Caen, France

Eötvös: Cricketmusic, Elektrochronik, Mese


27 Dec, 1975
Budapest, Hungary

Eötvös: Elektrochronik, Windsequenzen

Eötvös: Elektrochronik,  Sequences of the Wind- version original, First performance
Budapest, Liszt Academy, Új Zenei Studió


30 minutes


TITLE Dur. Soloists & choir fl ob cl bcl bn   hn tpt tbn tba   perc pf hp   vn1 vn2 va vc db Other Tech
Tape - Electronic - Multimedia
30'00000 0000 000 00000Sound technic

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Stereo tape, recording from a Electrochronicle live session
Recording: 1974 WDR Köln
(Peter Eötvös, Mesias Maiguashca)


“In den Progressiven 60er Jahren erschien uns die Zukunft näher als heute. Damals, nach endlosen Diskussionen mit Freunden, ist mir klar geworden, daß Musik nichts anderes als der organisierte Klang ist, der nicht nur aus Tönen, sondern genauso aus Geräuschen oder Sprache bestehen kann. Alles, was schwingt, kann Ausgangsstoff für Musik sein. Entscheidend ist nur die Form, wie man einen beliebigen Stoff “musikalisch” behandelt, sowie der Frequenzbereich, der “menschliche” Maßstab.




Electrochronicle June 9, BMC Records, 2002

Electrochronicle June 12, BMC Records, 2002

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Mesias Maiguashca, Peter Eötvös
Elektrochronik, 1974