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Eötvös: Golden Dragon

Cond: Gábor Hontvári
Würzburg Philharmonic Orchestra

The young lady: Silke Evers (Soprano)
The woman over sixty old, cook, Granddaughter, the ant, Hans, Chinese mother: Barbara Schöller (mezzo)
The young man, young asian, waitress, grandfather, the cricket, chinese aunt: Roberto Ortiz (1. tenor)
The man over sixty, old Asian, Eva, the dark brown stewardess, the friend of the granddaughter,, Chinese father: Matthew Habib (2. tenor)
The man, an Asian, Inga, the blonde stewardess, Chinese uncle: Hinrich Horn (bariton)

Stage direction: Gábor Hontvári
Director: Aldona Farrugia
Stage design: Dorota Karolczak
Light: Pascal Moonen, Mariella von Vequel-Westernach
Video: Valentin Huber
Ton: Tobias Hess, Volker Ulfig
Dramaturge: Berthold Warnecke

Venue: Mainfranken Theater, Würzburg