Eötvös: Ligetidyll – premiere

In the framework of Ligeti 100 Birthday concert Péter Eötvös’ Ligetidyll has been presented for the first time on May 28 2023 at Budapest Music Center.


Eötvös’thoughts about Ligeti and his piece:

My friendship with György Ligeti has a decades-long history. This piece, composed in a personal tone for Ligeti’s 100th birthday, portrays our shared memories in a naive and emotional manner, following its genre, the ″idyll″. As homage to Ligeti’s famous work for a hundred metronomes, the formal structure of this piece starts in tempo one hundred and evolves in various rhythm- and sound potentials provided by the hundred impulses. At the end of the composition, each of the 16 musicians in the ensemble takes farewell from one of the greatest composers of the 20th century in the form of a brief cadenza.

/Eötvös – 2023/



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Sarah Defrise – soprano
Szabolcs Zempléni – horn
Concerto Budapest – Ligeti Ensemble
Conductors: András Keller and Gregory Vajda


More info about the piece >

Photo: Kálmán Garas around 1993 (György Ligeti, Péter Eötvös, György Kurtág)

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