Eötvös: Focus – premiere

The idea for Focus came from the world of the film camera. In the same manner that a camera concentrates on a single figure or object on film, my work also possesses a background (the orchestra) and a foreground (the solo instrument). I alternate the focus of my ‘sound camera’ slowly on one or the other. The saxophone has been very close to me since my childhood because it sounds like I’m singing myself. While composing, I was constantly searching for an individual voice for this work and the characteristics of this instrument. Saxophones feature frequently in my orchestral compositions and I’ve written a saxophone quartet, but Focus is my first work with the saxophone as a solo instrument.
– Peter Eötvös

First performance on 15 January 2022, Cologne, Germany

Saxophone: Marcus Weiss
Conductor: Elena Schwarz
WDR Sinfonieorchester

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On photo & credit photo: Marcus Weiss

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