Year of release: 2004

BMC CD 097

  1. Snatches of a conversation (2001)
    für double-bell trumpet solo, speaker and ensemble02. Jet Stream (2002)
    for trumpet solo and orchestra03. Paris-Dakar (2002)
    for trombone solo and big band04. Jazz Improvisations
    on the themes from Péter Eötvös´ opera “Le Balcon”

Marco Blaauw | double-bell trumpet
Markus Stockhausen | trumpet
László Gőz | double-bell trombone with harmonizer
Omar Ebrahim | speaker
Ensemble Musikfabrik
BBC Symphony Orchestra
Budapest Jazz Orchestra
Peter Eötvös | conductor
Gergely Vajda | conductor

Composer: Peter Eötvös

Verlag: BMC Records