Psalm 151 / Psy / Triangel

Year of release: 2000


Psalm 151 /Psy / Triangel



Psalm 151 (1993) (19:24)

In memoriam Frank Zappa
for percussion solo
Zoltán Rácz, percussion


Psy (1996) (8:09)

Trio for marimba, flute and cello
Zoltán Rácz, marimba
Gergely Ittzés, flute
Miklós Perényi, cello


Triangel (1993) (36:47)

Actions for a creative percussionist and 27 musicians
01. Enter with triangle
02. First promenade (tom-toms, keyboard, tuba)
03. Glass-Street (glass-bells and bottles)
04. Second promenade (vibraphone, keyboard)
05. for Steel-drums and string trios
06. Half-finale (timpani solo, tutti)
07. for Tam-Tams and Brass
08. for triangle solo and triangle-choir
09. for amplified triangles and clarinet
10. Leaving with triangle Zoltán Rácz, percussion


UMZE Chamber Ensemble, Budapest
Peter Eötvös, conductor


Recording: Budapest 1999
Engineer: Thore Brinkmann




Grammofon AB BIS