As I Crossed a Bridge of Dreams / Tale

Year of release: 2009


Eötvös: As I Crossed a Bridge of Dreams
Bonus audio-only DVD features DTS and Dolby Digital 5.1 formats
1. Spring
2. Dream with the cat
3. The moon
4. Mirror-dream
5. Dark night
6. Remembrance
7. Bells


8. Eötvös: Tale (1968)
Original 3-channel version
Text: Hungarian folk-tale selection
Total time: 105:10


As I Crossed a Bridge of Dreams
Lady Sarashina: Elizabeth Laurence - recitation
“Alter Ego”: Mike Svoboda - alto trombone with double-bell
“Shadow of Alter Ego” and “Moon”: Gérard Buquet - contrabass trombone with double-bell and sousaphone
“Dream-voices”: Blythe Holcomb, Nadia Hardman, David Hill
UMZE Chamber Ensemble,
artistic director: Zoltán Rácz
Conductor: Gergely Vajda
Bösendorfer computer-piano programming by Vykintas Baltakas
Recorded by Rainer Lorenz, Karlsruhe



Piroska Molnár - voice
Realized by Péter Eötvös and Werner Scholz at Electronic Music Studio, WDR Cologne (1968)

Production notes:
Recording and mixing supervised by Péter Eötvös
Recorded by Péter Dorozsmai and László Reményi at Tom-Tom Studio, Budapest, 2001-2008
Mixed and mastered by Péter Dorozsmai
DVD authoring: József Farkas
Music publisher: Edition Ricordi Munich (As I Crossed a Bridge of Dreams),
Edition Feedback Cologne (Tale)Produced by László Gőz
Executive producers: György Wallner, Tamás Bognár
The recording was sponsored by the National Cultural Fund of Hungary2009
Budapest Music Center RecordsBMC CD 138


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Stereo + DVD 5.1