January 2023
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February 2023
12 Feb, 2023
Budapest, Hungary
Peter Eötvös Foundation mentorprogram & concert

Spotlight on Stefano Gervasoni

workshop for conductors and composers

12-18 February, 2023

Closing concert: 18 February, 2023


The Peter Eötvös Contemporary Music Foundation announces a workshop for conductors and composers between 12-18 February 2023, in Budapest (Hungary). Selected active conductors and mentees of the Foundation will have the possibility to work on a piece by Stefano Gervasoni and on a new composition by mentee composer Sebastian Black will during rehearsals and a live performance, too. The program also includes a world premiere of Máté Balogh, a former mentee composer from Hungary.


Stefano Gervasoni is one of the leading contemporary composers of his generation in Europe. Winner of numerous prizes, including the recent "Serge Koussevitzky Music Foundation Award" (2018) and Premio della Critica Musicale "Franco Abbiati" (2010). Since 2006 Stefano Gervasoni has held a regular teaching position as professor of composition at Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse in Paris.


“I consider myself a pure composer, not in the sense that I wish to claim the purity of my sources of inspiration, which are instead numerous and wide-ranging, or that the results of my artistic research are in any way absolute (which is far from my case), or in the way I conceive the task (or rather the “mission”) of a composer. I write music and teach composition, and I view both as an expression of thought – with a strong will to recount and bear witness to the aspirations of our time – respecting history and endeavoring to act on the present to leave traces that are as “clear” and efficient as possible to the future of humanity.”

— Stefano Gervasoni, 2017


As this workshop is part of the foundation’s Mentoring Program there will be a new chamber piece written for the workshop by mentored composer of the foundation, Sebastian Black (UK). The workshop offers working sessions with Peter Eötvös, Stefano Gervasoni, Gregory Vajda and the mentored composer.


The call is open for conductors and composers of all nationalities.


Age limit for active conductors and composers is 35 years, observers (conductors and composers) are accepted without age limit.


The course is suitable for advanced students and professionals with special interest in contemporary music repertoire.



PETER EÖTVÖS, conductor and composer (Hungary / Germany), founder
GREGORY VAJDA, conductor and composer (Hungary / USA), program director


Guest: STEFANO GERVASONI, composer (Italy)


Featuring: Ars Nova Ensemble (FR), András Szalai (cimbalom soloist)


Language of the course: English, German, French, Hungarian


Venue: Budapest Music Center


Course program for conductors:

Consultations, rehearsals and concert, conductor-cam video recording during concert and concert recording.




12 February Registration for participants and concert with Peter Eötvös at Franz Liszt Academy of Music

13 February At-table-consultations about the workshop pieces, mustMEET Composers public meeting with Stefano Gervasoni

14-17 February Rehearsals with Ars Nova ensemble, Peter Eötvös, Gregory Vajda, and Stefano Gervasoni at BMC Concert Hall; private consultations for composers with professors

18 February Dress rehearsal and closing concert at the BMC


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March 2023
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April 2023
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May 2023
16 May, 2023
Budapest, Hungary
Eötvös Foundation - Mastercourse - only for conductors

Period: 16-19 May
Ligeti: Aventures- Nouvelles Aventures
UMZE / cond.: Gregory Vajda / Concert: 25 May
Concerto orchestra /cond.: Eötvös / Concert: 28 May

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24 May, 2023
Budapest, Hungary
Eötvös Foundation - Mastercourse - only for composers

Period: 24-28 May 2023
BMC Budapest: "Ligeti 100" with Peter Eötvös and Gregory Vajda (for composers)

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June 2023
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July 2023
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August 2023
14 Aug, 2023
Annecy, France
Eötvös Foundation - Master  Course


Period: 14-19 August 2023
European Creative Academy: Ars Nova Ensemble
Professors:  Peter Eötvös, Gregory Vajda

Concert: August, 19
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September 2023
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October 2023
2 Oct, 2023
Budapest, Hungary
Peter Eötvös Foundation master course for conductors and composers

Spotlight on Ramon Lazkano

workshop for conductors and composers

Period: 2-6 October, 2023

Closing concert: 6 October, 2023

Danubia orchestra

Budapest Music Center

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November 2023
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December 2023
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