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Paradise Reloaded (Lilith) (2012/13)

Paradise Reloaded (Lilith)
opera in 12 scenes
Text: Albert Ostermaier
Arranged for libretto: Mari Mezei and Peter Eötvös
Duration: 100 min.


Eva: soprano
Lilith: mezzo-soprano
Adam:  tenor
Lucifer: baritone
Angel A: tenor
Angel B: baritone
Angel C: Bass
Women´s choir (3 singers): high soprano, mezzo-soprano, alt

2 flutes (1st also piccolo, 2nd also altflute and piccolo)
2 oboes (2nd also English Horn)
3 clarinets in A (1st also Es, 2nd also bassclar., 3rd also bassclar., and contrabasscl.)
2 bassoons (2nd also contrabassoon)
2 horns in F (1st left, 2nd right)
2 trumpets in B (1st left, 2nd right)
3 trombones (1st alttrombone, 2nd tenor with quartventil, 3rd basstrombone) - sitting together
1 tuba
1 accordeon
1 harp
1 piano (without cover)
1 celesta
2 percussion (1st left, 2nd right)
Strings: 10-8-6-6-4


25 October, 2013, Vienna, Austria
Neue Oper Wien production
Amadeus Ensemble Wien, conductor: Walter Kobéra
Stage director: Johannes Erath

Publisher: Schott Music Mainz, Germany