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  • Le Balcon - opera
    21, 22, 24, 25 January, Toulouse, France
    Ensemble Intercontemporain
    cond. Peter Eötvös

  • Shadows
    Snatches of a conversation
    Cannes Music Award
    26-27 January. Cannes, France

  • Triangel (Netherlands Radio Chamber Orch. cond. Peter Eötvös)
    Snatches of a conversation (Netherlands Radio Chamber Orch. cond. Eötvös)
    Replica (Netherlands Radio Chamber Orch., Kim Kashkashian, cond. Eötvös)
    30 March, Budapest, Hungary
    As I Crossed a Bridge of Dreams (Hungarian version, dir. Almasy-Toth)
    3 April, Thalia Theatre Budapest
    Budapest Spring Festival

  • Triangel
    Snatches of a conversation

    Netherlands Radio Chamber Orchestra, cond. Eötvös
    10 April, Amsterdam

  • zeroPoints
    May 2004, Milwaukee, USA
    Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra
    cond.: Gergely Vajda

  • Psy
    Psalm 151
    Two poems to Polly
    Dervish dance
    Zwei Promenaden

    Studio für Neue Musik, Zürich
    Komponistenforum, Hochschule für Musik Zürich
    3-7 May, Zürich

  • zeroPoints
    Jet Stream
    18 May, Paris, France
    Orch. Philharmonic de Radio France, cond. Eötvös

  • Chinese Opera
    25 May, Paris Cité de la Musique
    Ensemble Intercontemporain, cond. Eötvös

  • Psalm 151
    Intervalles interieurs

    27 May, Paris, Cité de la Musique
    Ensemble Intercontemporain

  • Replica
    Orch. Philh. de Radio France, cond. Eötvös
    28 May, Paris, Cité de la Musique

  • Chamber music pieces
    Hungarian contemporary music days
    17-21 June, Balatonföldvár, Hungary

  • Brass, the metal Space
    Brass in five ensemble (Budapest)
    4 July, Utrecht, the Netherlands

  • Shadows
    18-19 July, 2003
    Savaria Symph. Orch.
    International Bartók Festival, Szombathely

  • zeroPoints
    Jet Stream
    3-12 September, German tour 9 concerts
    Junge Deutsche Philh.
    cond. Eötvös

  • Replica
    Snatches of a conversation
    18 September, Dortmund, Germany
    Netherlands Radio Chamber Orch., cond. Eötvös

  • Atlantis
    29-30 September, 1 October Frankfurt
    Hessischer Rundfunk Orch.
    cond.: Eötvös

  • Two poems to Polly
    Chinese Opera
    Snatches of a conversation
    26 September, Frankfurt
    Ensemble Modern

  • Replica
    19-20 September, Frankfurt
    Frankfurter Museumsorchester
    cond.: Paolo Carignani

  • Replica
    18 September, Dortmund, Germany
    Radio Chamber Orch. Hilversum
    cond.: Eötvös

  • Dervish dance
    29 October, Milano
    Paolo Casiraghi

  • Angels in America - new opera
    23, 26, 28, 29 November, Paris, Chatelet (France)
    cond. : Eötvös